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Once upon a time, skinny girls were all the rage. Most magazines and models only had girls that hardly weighed more than 100 pounds. While that still may remain true in some areas, things have changed. The past few years, you have begun to see ads on TV, movies and other areas reflect that. Many of them are showing women who are plus size. In the porn world, you have genres dedicated strictly to chubby girls. For instance, there’s the BBW genre which stands for “Big Beautiful Women.”

That category has managed to become very popular. In addition, it has helped spawn others similar to it. And it has resulted in more attention and air time being given to plus size women. All of this has resulted in many wondering why so many are choosing to date chubby or plus size women. Yet the fact is that there are many benefits to dating a big girl.

They Are More Realistic

Nothing is worse than dating a girl who thinks the world revolves around her. This is something many people say is wrong with skinny girls. They find them as being too self-absorbed. Big girls on the other hand, are more down to earth. You can have conversations about things that are realistic. And go out on dates which border on doing simple things.

Big Girls Are Warm

Chubby girls are warm in the literal sense and emotional term. When it comes to cuddling, they can be there for you and exude plenty of warmth. Emotionally, they are very understanding and supportive.

They Enjoy Most Foods

Dating girls who are never willing to try new foods is a major turn-off. If that wasn’t enough, they have reservations about eating most things because they are constantly watching their weight. Big girls have no qualms about trying new things and they don’t place so much emphasis on those issues.

Willingness To Support You

The best thing about any woman at your side is having one that supports you. Also, a girl that will go anywhere you want and not afraid to do things together. Chubby women will be by your side and accompany you on trips or places you go.

Able To Hold Their Own

Contrary to popular belief, most men enjoy having good conversations with their partners. But that can be a problem with a woman who lacks her own opinions. Or one that doesn’t express her feelings and thoughts. A fat girl is very strong in her views.